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Not so rusty for an old man, eh? by ZeCrazyAngel Not so rusty for an old man, eh? by ZeCrazyAngel
Jonathan and Ieli arrived in an inn where they had to wait for someone as they had a mission. They talked abit and then Jonathan finally said ''So, I'm starting to get a hang of you, eh?'' he grinned. Ieli looked at him and chuckled ''Jonathan, you are far from being able to beat my experience. I only use a part of my strenght, and you still got a few flaws on that level. Once you get good enough, I will be using more strenght. Don't underestimate the old man he's tougher than he seems.'' he grinned then took a puff of his cigaret.

Jonathan smirked then placed a hand on the table ''And what about an arm wrestle to be sure your not making up stuff ?'' he grinned, he was pretty much bored. Ieli took an other puff and smirked, putting his elbow on the table ''Your on. But if I win, I have to rights to ask you the question I want and you'll have to answer it.'' he grinned. Jonathan smirked and placed one hand behind his back and put his elbow on the table, grabbing his father's hand. This time, he wasn't gonna let his father win. Afraid of what that question might be. Seeing he was putting his arm in his back, Ieli said ''I'd rather keep my arm y'see, got a cigaret so yeh.'' he said ''But here, if ever you see me use that arm to get an advantage on you I automatically lose.'' he said to make it fair. Jonathan nodded ''Alright, 1....2.....3!!!''

Jonathan started forcing, trying to bring his hand down while Ieli just chilled, letting Jonathan 'try' to bring his hand down. He wasn't even forcing. ''GOD DAMN IT!'' said Jonathan. Ieli just chuckled and said ''I'm not even trying :iconimhappyplz:'' Jonathan let out an annoyed grunt, he was quite strong and Ace didn't seem to have any trouble. He took a puff then said ''Welp, I think it's my turn.'' he grinned and slammed Jonathan's fist on the table.

Jonathan nearly fell but caugh himself back ''DAMN IT D:'' while Ieli just laughed ''So, son, not so rusty for an old man, eh ?'' he grinned after at him. ''Pfff TT_TT Rematch !'' he said ''No no, it doesn't work. Now you gotta answer my question.'' grinned Ieli as he let go of Jonathan's hand ''I fear the worse... Go on shoot your question.'' he said. Ieli smirked again then asked ''When are you gonna make a man out of yourself and ask Angel out ?'' he said with a teasefull grin ''... She's a friend damnit !!!'' he said ''Pfff, you two look way to close to be simple 'friends'. Your ALWAYS together. And I'm sure she loves you back, don't lie to me it doesn't work.'' he said. ''Pffff...''


Yeh Jo ! Make a man of yourself ! Stop being such a wuss !

Jo : Shut up -_-

Just a picture I felt like drawing, Jonathan being cocky and beaten by his father in arm wrestling XD

Ieli looks high XDDDD I didn't mean to put some red in his eye, but y'see... I don't like coloring with crayons XD so now he looks high. But no he's not high XD

Jonathan and Ieli (c) Me
Art (c) Me
1337deadman Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Their elbows aren't on the table, it wasn't a legit arm wrestle...
ZeCrazyAngel Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD they we're before he slammed Jo's fist on the table. I just failed in that part.
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